How to Retrofit Growth Chambers with LED Lights

How to Retrofit Growth Chambers with LED Lights

May 22, 2014

Retrofitting Growth Chambers with LED Lights

Aging environmental growth chambers and rooms put research at risk with poor light quality. They also run up high electrical bills due to their dependence on outmoded HID or fluorescent lights.

Replacing aging growth chambers with state-of-the-art equipment costs organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars that would be better spent funding research.


  • Jimmy Byrtus, Consulting Research Specialist, LumiGrow
  • George Chan, Sr. Marketing Manager, LumiGrow
  • Dr. Gerald Deitzer, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland
  • Dr. Leif Pallesen, Postdoc Scientist, Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Theo van de Sande, Facilities Operations Manager, Carnegie Institution for Science
  • Dr. Melanie Yelton, Research Director, LumiGrow


Watch this 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • Accurately estimate your ROI with LED lights
  • Decide how much light you need
  • Develop a light plan
  • Compare LED product options
  • Install your LED lights
  • Fine-tune light recipes to achieve desired results