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Move past simple daylight extension and optimize for a perfect lighting environment year-round. Light is one of the most important variables for any cultivation. Begin treating it like one.

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One TopLight™ Solution Contains Two Light Bars Connected to the Industry’s
First Smart Power Supply for One Powerful and Versatile Lighting Solution

2 Light Bars

The most functional lighting solution for professional cultivation.

Each TopLight™ fixture comes with two light bars connected to one smart power supply for flexible deployment and powerful growth.

  • Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) of 1440 µmol/s
  • Rated IP67 for industrial reliability and easy cleaning
  • Industry’s best 5 - 7 year warranty

1 Top Light Node

The industry’s first smart power supply

The TopLight Node is a smart 3-channel power supply that integrates with various LumiGrow accessories to enable precision lighting management through wireless control.

Your TopLight Node allows you to quickly and easily deploy an ideal lighting environment for both greenhouse and indoor applications.

smartPAR™ Module (Accessory not included)

Precision grow light management made simple

When ordering our smartPAR™ Wireless Control System, you receive smartPAR™ modules that plug directly into your TopLight Node for manual control over light spectrum, photoperiod, and intensity from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

smartPAR™ modules and LumiGrow Light Sensors sold separately

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Light Sensor (Accessory not included)

Have the Sun Manage Your LumiGrow Fixtures

Have the sun manage your TopLight fixtures with LumiGrow’s smart greenhouse lighting technology. Plug your LumiGrow Light Sensors into your smartPAR™ modules to begin automating ideal lighting conditions every day of the year.

All greenhouse lighting automation is deployed specific to your greenhouse facility and crops.

smartPAR™ modules and LumiGrow Light Sensors sold separately

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Multiple Mounting Options

Maximize your growing potential by selecting a mounting style that best
suits your crops. Select from In-Line Deployment or Double-Mounting Deployment.

In-Line Deployment

String your TopLight™ fixtures across the length of your strut for the maximum footprint possible at the lowest cost

Double-Mounting Deployment

Stack your TopLight™ fixtures side-by-side with double-hanging brackets for high-powered lighting applications

TopLight™ Specifications

Typical Input Power (Watts)
Typical Photon Flux (PPF)
1440 µmol/s (720 µmol/s per bar)
PPE (μmol/J)
IP 67
Operating Frequency
50-60 Hz
Power Factor
> 0.90
Heat Output
2115 BTU/hr (0.62kW)
Wireless Dimmability and Spectrum Control
Additional smartPAR™ Network & Software Required
Fixture Weight
15 lbs (6.8 kg) per light bar
Power Supply Weight
10 lbs (4.54 kg)

Target Your Spectrum for Optimal Crop Production

Targeted Spectrum

Creating the industry’s most advanced precision greenhouse lighting solution has been a major horticultural achievement.

Engaging in over 10 years of horticultural lighting research has shown that focusing most of your light’s energy into the red (600-700nm) and blue (400-500nm) PAR ranges drives robust photosynthetic growth while offering significant control over biochemical and biophysical processes when adjusting your spectrum dynamically.

We’ve also included adequate green light (500-600nm) for accessory pigments and photoreceptors in indoor applications, while the sun more than adequately fills out this spectrum in greenhouse applications, allowing your LEDs to drive optimal photosynthetic growth for a powerful and versatile lighting solution

Hybrid Spectrum (Coming Soon)

Traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems, both high-pressure sodium and metal halide, have limitations delivering an ideal spectral curve for a plant’s photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) region.

Our hybrid spectrum was designed by looking at a traditional HID light spectrum and improving upon it by enriching the red (600-700nm) and blue (400-500nm) PAR ranges to get a boost in peak Chi A and Chi B chlorophyll absorption areas.

Suitable for all horticultural lighting applications where the ability to control spectrum is not desired, our hybrid spectrum offers an easy and intuitive switch from your traditional lighting system to LED

smartPAR™ Feature Compatability
  Spectral Control Dimmability
Targeted Spectrum
Hybrid Spectrum

Easy Installation

All TopLight™ components and accessories are assembled using quick-connects
for rapid installation and easy maintenance. This versatile configuration allows for
optimal light deployment at the lowest possible cost.

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