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How do I install my TopLight fixtures?

One TopLight™ solution contains two light bars connected to the industry’s first smart power supply for one powerful and versatile lighting solution

Please refer to the following documents for installation instructions.

How do I install smartPAR modules?

The smartPAR modules enable wireless, software control of our light fixtures. The modules are installed by connecting the module to your smartPAR-ready fixture. Make sure the power to the light fixture is off when you install or remove the smartPAR module.

Please refer to the following documents for installation instructions.

My fixture is not functioning properly, what should I do?

Contact our support team with the fixture’s serial number and they should get back to you within 2 business days with next steps.

What is the expected degradation of LumiGrow LED output?

Our lights are rated for 50,000 hours with no more than 10% degradation. Due to our advanced thermal management, you can expect our fixtures to last as long as 100,000 hours with minimal degradation.

What is the output of the Pro series fixtures in lumens vs. micromoles?

Lighting for horticultural purposes is measured in micromoles rather than lumens.  A lumen measures visible light for humans and is intended for general illumination, but it is ill-suited to measuring light perceived by plants. As we say around here, “Lumens are for humans.” In journals and trade publications, you’ll see light referred to in terms of micromoles per second per square meter (µmol/m²/sec).

LumiGrow fixtures are engineered to maximize output in the red and blue portions of PAR. These are the spectra of greatest use to plants. A spectroradiometer measuring µmol/m²/sec reveals that a 1000W HID light produces approximately 14% of its total output in the red PAR range and approximately 3% in the blue PAR range.  By contrast, a LumiGrow fixture produces 68% of its total output in the red region and 17% in the blue region.

Therefore, for every 100 µmol/m²/sec of light produced by a LumiGrow fixture, you receive 67.7 µmol/m²/sec of red and 17 µmol/m²/sec of blue PAR. Similarly, for every 100 µmol/m²/sec of light produced by a 1000W HID, you receive 14 µmol/m²/sec of red and 3 µmol/m²/sec of blue PAR.

smartPAR Software

Version 1.13 features

smartPAR 1.13 Release Notes

We updated smartPAR with some new features. Now you can orient your lighting maps with landmarks, analyze your target DLI and zip around the software more quickly. 

Lighting Map Landmarks

Create landmarks (e.g. doors and compass rose) on the lighting map pages to orient your fixtures and zones in relation to your environment.

DLI, PPFD and Energy Data Export*

How much light did your greenhouse crops receive? Download a spreadsheet of your solar, supplemental, crop and target DLI. Use it to review your lighting system’s performance and compare your target DLI against your actual DLI.

(*requires smartPAR light sensors)

In-app Onboarding, Feature Announcements and Surveys

We’ve added an in-app tool in smartPAR to help you get up to speed more quickly, learn about new features and collect feedback from you so we can improve your experience.

Performance Improvements

We revamped the underlying code to increase the responsiveness and speed of smartPAR. In addition to faster performance, the updated code will allow us to implement new features more quickly.


Version 1.12 features

smartPAR 1.12 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce new smartPAR features that improve data analysis, system settings, and usability. Version 1.12 of smartPAR includes the following improvements.

Export Your Energy, PPFD and DLI Data

Export your analytics data into a spreadsheet so you can analyze your energy and lighting numbers by day, week or a specified window of time.

Answer questions like:

  • How much power was used for my last crop turn?
  • What was the daily light integral (DLI) in my production house last week?
  • Of my total crop DLI, how much of it was provided by my supplemental lighting and how much was provided from the sun?

Set Your Default Light Behavior by Room

Control the default behavior of your lighting rooms in the event of an internet failure. We hope that your internet never goes out, but if it does, you can now specify whether a room’s lighting zones default to all on or all off. This feature safeguards photoperiod-sensitive crops that are in dark-periods or light-periods.

Edit Your Lighting Zones in Map View

Edit your lighting zones quickly and easily with our new “Map View”. Available on desktop and tablet devices, simply navigate to your “Lights” tab in smartPAR and click “Map View”. From here you can toggle between rooms to see a visual representation of all of your LumiGrow lights. Drag-and-select groups of lights create and move between zones to deploy lighting strategies based on crop type, growth stage, or to trial new lighting strategies.

Change Your User Account Email

Change the email associated with account credentials. When you change your email address, you’ll receive a new invitation email to register your new email address and password.

How do I login to smartPAR?

How do I create and manage zones in smartPAR?

How do I create and manage programs in smartPAR?

How do I use the Analytics tab in smartPAR?

How do I manage my lights in smartPAR?

Forgot your smartPAR username and password?

How do I install smartPAR?

LumiGrow will first ship you your smartPAR modules to be installed into your LumiGrow fixtures.  Next, we will have a network integration specialist provision your network for you! Our network integration specialist provisions and tests the software on-site, then teaches you to use it!

Does smartPAR have any dynamic control, or is it all pre-programmed?

The smartPAR system allows you to setup your own custom light schedules to implement quickly and easily.  We are currently piloting a light sensor that would allow LumiGrow lights to adjust based on the light levels inside the greenhouse. This would allow the lights to turn off/dim as the sun’s intensity rises above a predetermined level.

I did not buy smartPAR with my fixtures originally, can I upgrade to smartPAR now?

Yes! Every fixture is smartPAR-compatible, meaning that at any time can be upgraded to the smartPAR Wireless Control System. Contact us to get SmartPAR.

Does smartPAR come with every fixture?

The smartPAR Wireless Control System is a product sold separately from LumiGrow fixtures. To enable smartPAR functionality, the fixture requires a module attachment and network implementation, allowing your fixtures to communicate with our smartPAR cloud-based software.

Orders and Shipping

Does LumiGrow ship internationally?

We ship internationally on a regular basis. Give us a call at 1 (800) 514-0487 to get an estimate for shipping costs and details about lead times to your country.

Does the customer pay for shipping?

Customers pay shipping for orders over 20 units. Orders of 1-20 units receive free shipping within the continental United States.

Does LumiGrow sell direct to customers, or do you have brick and mortar stores?

LumiGrow manufactures, sells, and ships all fixtures directly to the customer. Give us a call at 1 (800) 514-0487 to get more info about our fixtures, place an order, or check on the status of an order. You can also place an order on our online cart if you know what you want.

Light Deployment

How do I hang my lights?

Check out our quickstart guide for instructions.

How high should I hang the LumiGrow fixtures?

Hang height is determined by several factors.  For more information fill out a light plan request form for your space.

How many lights should I use for my space?

Numbers of lights, light densities, and recommended layouts depend on a plethora of factors. If you want a professional light plan done for you free of charge, give us a call at 1 (800) 514-0487 x 1809, or fill out a light plan request form.

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