THRIVE 50 Showcases the Future of AgTech

THRIVE 50 Showcases the Future of AgTech

Emeryville, CA, USA – January 31, 2017 – On Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, the City of Menlo Park becomes a global AgTech hub as Fortune 500 companies and startups from around the world gather for THRIVE’s Innovation Forum. THRIVE’s purpose – to solve the essential challenges facing agriculture today.

A key feature of the THRIVE program is the THRIVE 50, a selected group of 50 scalable AgTech startups that already have their product to market, and that show promise in meeting some of the world’s most difficult agricultural problems. The buzz coming from this year’s Top 50 companies can be seen from automated infrastructure solutions, precision agriculture, supply chain management, robotics technology and big data analytics.

“Our team is proud to be selected as a THRIVE 50 company.” exclaims LumiGrow Communications Manager, Brandon Newkirk. “The AgTech industry is truly seeing a renaissance. So much amazing talent and creativity is being put forth to provide necessary solutions to increasingly challenging problems. We feel to be recognized is a real testament to the hard work and advancements that LumiGrow has made developing a uniquely powerful LED lighting solution. Our hardware-software lighting solution takes comprehensive approach to addressing the deficiencies in greenhouse lighting. We’ve developed a solution that empowers growers to manage operational efficiency, crop yield, and plant characteristics. We’re seeing our solution used by commercial growers and major research institutions to implement growth strategies that weren’t possible before. It’s exciting to see the industry adopting new technologies that keep improving the way things are done, and we feel THRIVE is a big proponent of this mission”.

The diverse group of AgTech innovators will be divided in various categories for further selection. Some other companies on the THRIVE 50 list include AeroFarms, Bright Farms, Crop X, H3 Robotics, MagGrow and Precision Hawk.

Companies selected into the next phase will enter a THRIVE AgTech accelerator program sponsored in collaboration by SVG Partners and other major corporate partners. Finalists of the THRIVE program will then be announced at the Forbes AgTech Summit being held in Salinas, California from June 28-29, 2017.

For more information about the Future of Agriculture, visit the THRIVE website at; or visit the Forbes AgTech Summit website at

About LumiGrow Inc.
LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in smart horticultural lighting, empowers growers and scientists with the ability to improve plant growth, boost crop yields, and achieve cost-saving operational efficiencies. LumiGrow offers a range of proven grow light solutions for use in greenhouses, controlled environment agriculture and research chambers. LumiGrow solutions are eligible for energy-efficiency subsidies from utilities across North America.

LumiGrow has the largest horticultural LED install-base in the United States, with installations in over 30 countries. Our customers range from top global agribusinesses, many of the world’s top 100 produce and flower growers, enterprise cannabis cultivators, leading universities, and the USDA. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, LumiGrow is privately owned and operated. For more information, call (800) 514-0487 or visit

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