Light Planning


Q : Why do I need light plan?

A: Did you know that lights work in unison with one another?  Simply hanging your lights over your crop and turning them on isn’t an optimal or cost-effective strategy for plant growth.  Our lighting specialists use the industry’s leading horticultural lighting software with support from our plant scientists and PhDs, so you can achieve consistent and reliable growth targets.  Also, by reducing the amount of light wasted to walls or aisles, we work to boost your business bottom-line from both a production and operational standpoint.


Q: What do I do with my light plan?

A: A light plan is your road map for deploying light as a growth variable.  It will help you to determine how much light you need for your specific crop and growth goals.  It illustrates an optimal lighting layout for your facility to maximize light intensity and uniformity.  Additionally, your electrician will be thrilled to have a light plan to run electrical wiring efficiently ahead of time, better meeting your timeline.