LED vs HPS Grow Lights: Cost Comparison Guide (2019)

HPS vs LEDThe most important factor to consider when calculating your LED vs HPS grow light costs is your total cost of ownership.  This analysis is looking at a common grow room configuration for an indoor cannabis facility. In our analysis, lighting a 10,000 square foot indoor cannabis flower room with LEDs actually saves growers a whopping $1,159,708 over 5 years versus HPS lighting. That’s a payback of just 1.6 years for your investment! Download the guide to learn how.

Let’s walk through a LED vs HPS retrofit looking at:

  • Upfront Costs
  • Utility Incentives
  • Electricity Costs
  • HVAC Cooling Costs
  • Light Loss Factors (LLF)
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Labor Costs
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