Customer Stories Apr 24, 2013

TJ Technologies Reduces Climate Management Costs With LumiGrow

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Managing a Challenging Environment

Extreme temperatures in South Dakota have historically challenged growers to achieve a consistent growing environment. Yet, consistency is of the utmost importance to South Dakota-based TJ Technologies, Inc., an agricultural company dedicated to developing and providing plant-focused microbial technologies and micronutrients for growers. Right along with product quality and ROI, TJ Technologies promises to deliver consistent results with its product line.

Delivering on this promise requires consistent climate conditions in its research and development (R&D) facilities. But this was proving costly for TJ Technologies. Running 1,000-Watt HID lights in a 600 square-foot controlled environment with no external light, the TJ Technologies R&D team was hard-pressed to keep the temperature below 85˚F. Doing so required operating expensive portable air conditioning units and exhaust fans.

70% Less Energy Use

Maintains Room Temperature of 78˚F

Healthy Plant Growth

Upgrading to LED Lighting

LED lighting emerged as the clear choice for TJ Technologies. Following a review of LED fixtures in the marketplace, the team selected LumiGrow as their lighting partner. LumiGrow technology is independently proven to improve crop health, productivity and uniformity while it reducing energy use by 70% versus 1,000-Watt HID lights.

First the TJ Technologies and LumiGrow teams collaborated on a sole-source lighting plan for the R&D facility. Shortly thereafter, in Fall 2012, LumiGrow LED lights were installed.

“It’s pretty straightforward in our case. LumiGrow delivers the consistent crop quality we need along with 70% energy savings.”

Maintaining Consistency

The R&D facility is of great importance to TJ Technologies because it’s used to test micronutrient and seed treatment products. To test these products, TJ Technologies grows and rotates a broad variety of crops including alfalfa, corn, carrots, cotton, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, soybeans and spinach. All plants must be vigorously healthy to ensure research quality.

Following the installation of LumiGrow LED lights, Tim was pleased with the performance of all the crops except for the soybeans, which exhibited elongation. But after making adjustments suggested by the LumiGrow team, Tim observes that even the soybeans are looking great.

The LumiGrow Customer Service and Research teams are always available to the TJ Technologies’ team should they have questions about the application of LED lighting to a new crop. It’s a partnership that helps to ensure that TJ Technologies’ customers always receive quality products.

Reducing Operating Costs

The current temperature in the grow room is 78˚F, a great deal more comfortable for plants and TJ Technologies’ staff members. TJ Technologies no longer needs to operate costly air conditioning units in the room. They now get by with a single exhaust fan running part-time. TJ Technologies will fund future R&D initiatives with their cost savings.

  • Problem. High climate conditioning costs due to HID heat output in a controlled environment.
  • Solution. Installed energy-efficient, cooler running LumiGrow fixtures
  • Results. Reduced operating costs 70%
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