Customer Stories Nov 5, 2015

Silver State Relief Realizes LED Harvest Potential

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Nevada’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Based in Sparks, Nevada (Reno metropolitan area), Silver State Relief is Northern Nevada’s premier distributor of medical marijuana and marijuana products. The company, which opened in late July 2015, provides a broad range of high quality, fairly priced products to meet patients’ needs.

The Silver State Relief grow facility is a massive warehouse that required extensive retrofitting to support a clean and safe environment for employees and plants. Based on the advice of a Colorado-based cannabis consultancy, the warehouse was kitted out with climate control, nutrient dosing and irrigation systems as well as HPS light fixtures.

25% more bud development

Delivers equivalent yields as HPS with 40% less power

Achieves THC targets of >23%

Questioning Convention

It wasn’t long before Silver State Relief growers and managers reconsidered the conventional choice of HPS lights. These fixtures, a historical staple of cannabis grow facilities, emit extraordinary waste heat, hiking up electrical bills. Additionally, the lights did not support the growers’ goal of cultivating a broad range of strains, which require varied light profiles to realize their harvest potential.

Making the Switch

Upon learning of the unique ability of LumiGrow LED lights to trigger desired crop characteristics with spectrum control, the Silver State Relief team was intrigued. The LumiGrow solution’s ability to reduce light- and heat-related energy costs by 70% sealed the deal. “Electricity is one of the biggest cost centers of a commercial grow operation. We’re thrilled to reduce costs with the LumiGrow solution,” said Silver State Relief General Manager Aron Swan.

The LumiGrow team specified a light plan based on the Silver State Relief growing team’s micromole targets and crop objectives. Light intensity is adjustable to accommodate the varied light appetites of different strains and crop cycle stages.

“We’re committed to providing the best products to our patients at fair prices. By delivering superb growth with lower operating costs, LumiGrow LED lights are central to our strategy,” added Swan.

“Electricity is one of the biggest cost centers of a commercial grow operation. We’re thrilled to reduce costs with the LumiGrow solution.”

Optimizing Crop Performance

Silver State Relief employs a team of experts that includes two PhDs, Daniel Hopper and Matt Wheatley, as co-directors of grow operations. The two grower-scientists are particularly excited about the opportunity presented by LumiGrow LED lights to customize crops with light rather than chemicals or GMOs.

Daniel and Matt report that LumiGrow LED lights shape plants with strong uniformity and trichome formation, resulting in a salable, top-shelf harvest from top to bottom of the plant canopy.

In the near future, Daniel, who previously studied winemaking, will use LumiGrow spectrum control to customize terpenes, the pungent oils that give cannabis strains their distinctive flavors.

“We are excited about the THC levels we’re achieving and very curious to see how LumiGrow LED lights affect CBD levels in our high CBD producers. Next we’ll apply hard science techniques to see what else we can accomplish with cannabis,” quipped Daniel. “Now we can grow it legally in the state. That definitely helps.”

  • Problem. Unmanageable heat from HPS increased electricity costs and maxed out HVAC infrastructure
  • Solution. Installed energy-efficient LumiGrow fixtures with smartPARTM Wireless Control Software to reduce light and heat-related energy costs
  • Results. 25% more bud development; achieves THC targets; maintains constant temperature at 70% less cost; delivers equivalent yields with 40% less power
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