Customer Stories Nov 29, 2011

Algae Biomass Production Facility to Save $400,000 in Year One

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About Algae Farm

Algae Farm is a pioneer in the indoor cultivation of high yield algae oil, residual biomass and algal biomass. Their facility is based on the Houston Advanced Research Center campus in The Woodlands, TX.

Superior yields

Year 1 Savings of $400,000

Scalable Solution

Why LumiGrow?

Algae Farm’s selection of the LumiGrow solution followed a review of agricultural lighting products. The LumiGrow system was selected for its independently proven ability to promote superior yields at a fraction of the cost of fluorescent lighting.

Energy-efficient LumiGrow LED lighting will save the company $400,000 in the first year following installation and provide sustained savings in the form of lower electrical costs, year after year, for the lights’ 10-year lifespan. Further, by selecting the LumiGrow system, Algae Farm avoids the release of mercury into the environment, a toxic waste hazard inherent to fluorescent lighting.

LumiGrow LED technology is instrumental to the operation of Algae Farm’s algae biomass production system, which will produce algae for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and renewable energy market sectors. By growing in a climate-controlled indoor environment, Algae Farm can achieve predictable and scalable yields while it maintains the highest purity standards.

“Algae Farm is committed to providing commercial algal products reliably. This requires that we eliminate uncertainties and control production variables, including light,” said Algae Farm CEO Rick Berman. “With the LumiGrow solution, we are assured of a lasting, highest-quality lighting source for our crops.”

“Controlled environment agriculture is rapidly gaining ground among innovative growers. Algae Farm is taking a leadership position in demonstrating commercial scalability as well as environmental and financial feasibility.”

-CEO of LumiGrow

  • Problem. Fluorescent lights provide suboptimal light, degrade rapidly and release mercury into the environment
  • Solution. Installed RoHS-compliant LumiGrow fixtures for algae biomass production system
  • Results. Superior yields; year 1 savings of $400,000
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