LED Lighting Influences Plant Growth, and Flavor in Basil

Basil Flavor Research using LED lightsIn this study, we examine the effects of varying light ratios on basil plants in using LEDs at the sole light source. The basil plants were grown under 5 different light treatments with varying ratios of blue, white and red light.

Download the full study to learn how to apply these light treatments to your basil crop to:

  • Increase fresh mass, leaf density, and branching
  • Improve flavor
  • Control flowering rate

Poster Session presented at ASA, CSSA, and SSSA International Annual Meeting, 2014, in Long Beach, California


  • James Byrtus, LumiGrow Inc., Emeryville, California, USA
  • Dr. Melanie Yelton, LumiGrow Inc., Emeryville, California, USA