Plants use light for more than just photosynthesis. Light is used to control growth, signaling, metabolite accumulation, and other processes.

At a rudimentary level, low light conditions will result in poor quality plants because the plants lack sufficient energy. Conversely, plants grown at excessively high light levels can develop “sunburn”. Most commercial greenhouse crops are lit at moderate light levels to avoid these negative effects.

LumiGrow Smart Horticultural LEDs have dynamic control over intensity and spectrum so you can always target required light levels efficiently, while having the tools necessary to achieve quality and production goals demanded by the modern professional grower.

Changes in the ratio of red to blue light has been proven to affect plant morphology and physiology. Major research institutions, commercial growers, and plant science “think tanks” like the LumiGrow Research Group, are discovering the ways in which plants interact with light.

Research has shown that light intensity directly influences growth; and increases in light intensity will increase growth until the plant reaches its saturation point. LumiGrow works with major institutions to run trials and aggregate data to determine the optimal light intensities for your crops.

Daily Light Integral Target

Varies based on variety
Stories of Growth and </br>Light

Stories of Growth and

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LumiGrow Spectral Research

LumiGrow Spectral Research

Analysis of LumiGrow LEDs vs. Fluorescent lighting for arabidopsis research.



Designed for the professional grower, LumiGrow provides the industry’s smartest TopLight™. Growers can now achieve larger yields, better quality, and quicker crop turns with state-of-the-art LED technology for commercial applications.

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smartPAR Wireless Control System

Upgrade to smartPAR Wireless Control and experience the benefits of smart horticultural lighting! Deploy modern lighting strategies from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

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