Cannabis is a plant for which light (or dark) is a necessary component for inducing flowering. Cannabis will flower only when days are short as the plant’s chemical signal begins to accumulate. In nature, we see this happen during the fall. In a controlled production setting, grow lights can be used to manipulate this chemical signaling to better control crop growth rates, yield, and other characteristics.

Regardless of flower, vegetative, or mother growth stages, LumiGrow Smart Horticultural LEDs can be used successfully for vigorous plant growth and yields. Our spectrum maximizes energy output within the red and blue PAR ranges for the most efficient photosynthetic potential, as well as provides better canopy penetration and yield uniformity from the bottom of the plant to the top.

Since Cannabis is an especially high-light crop, cultivators will realize major cost savings with up to 70% reduced energy-usage compared to traditional HID fixtures. Cultivators can further increase lighting efficiency by utilizing smartPAR Wireless Control to create precision light schedules, manage multiple grow rooms from a single device, and to easily manage lighting for multiple growth stages in a single grow room.

LEDs may be manipulated to further control the development of the plant beyond just flowering times. Light spectra are important for controlling the plants perception of their environment and how much light they are receiving. The ratio of red to blue light is important for the plants perception of where it’s leaves are and how much light they’re receiving. If the ratio of blue to red increases, the plant perceives more intense light and will not “stretch” vertically as it grows. This will result in a very tight branching pattern, something that is desirable in some cases. A decrease in the blue to red ratio will have the opposite effect.

Changes in light spectra have also been proven to manipulate terpene, cannabinoid, and THC levels.

LumiGrow continues to work with some of North America’s Cannabis cultivation enterprises to advance the industry’s understanding of the interactions between light and Cannabis.

Daily Light Integral Target

Recommended light levels will differ based on growth stage, environment and production goals
High Light (DLI 20-30) / Very High Light (DLI 30-50) / Outdoor Production (DLI >50)
Stories of Growth and </br>Light

Stories of Growth and

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LumiGrow Cannabis Research

LumiGrow Cannabis Research

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