ROIElectricity consumption for horticultural lighting can be upwards of 35% of a business’s cost of operations. Forward-thinking electrical utilities are taking proactive measures to incentivize energy-efficient lighting for horticultural applications. Other utilities are waiting for horticultural LED lighting to achieve a level of market adoption and standardization.

Receptive utilities usually qualify horticultural lighting incentives under their custom energy efficiency incentive programs. All the programs have certain prerequisites and qualifications for the customer and the lighting project. A new construction project may have different criteria than a retrofit projecs.  In many cases, the application process must be approved before the PO is submitted.

If the incentive application is approved, payment comes in the form of a utility bill credit or a rebate check.

LumiGrow has worked with several customers and their utilities to procure incentives to offset the capital costs of our lighting solution. If you would like to engage your utility, we will support you with your incentive application by preparing a utility engagement package that includes a project profile, specification sheets and qualification documents. While it is not guaranteed that you will receive an incentive from your utility, we will do our best to help you with the application process.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

  • (electricity costs, square footage, environment, crop, light requirements)