Achieve Your Business Goals
with Smart Horticultural Lighting

Custom Light Planning

LumiGrow is committed to implementing the smart horticultural lighting solution that meets your company’s business objectives.

Before designing your custom light plan, we conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your company’s requirements in the areas of:

  • Yield gain
  • Crop loss prevention
  • Energy conservation
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Safety and occupational issues
  • Productivity gain
  • Cost savings

Your company’s lighting plan will factor in the following lighting-related variables:

  • Current lighting array, if applicable
  • Growing environment
  • Integration with greenhouse management systems
  • Crop type
  • Light placement
  • Temperature
  • Daily light integral

Your LumiGrow light plan will provide all the detail you’ll need to take action, including layout graphics, energy analysis and projected cost savings.

The LumiGrow team of experts is here for you at every step. We’ll oversee plan implementation, verifying that company objectives are met. Plus, every LumiGrow solution includes world-class customer support for every member of your team.

Let’s get started.

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