LED lighting is a vibrant technology with tremendous economic advantages for growers. Growers around the world are reaping the benefits of LumiGrow smart horticultural lighting – including reduced operating costs and larger crop yields.

Growers can expect even more powerful lights and greater energy savings in the years ahead. We know this because LumiGrow engineers are at the forefront of innovation in the application of LED technology to horticulture. For growers who prefer to remain at the cutting edge of lighting technology, LumiGrow offers an Equipment Buy-Back program.

How does the LumiGrow Equipment Buy Back program work?

You can buy the newest lighting technology now, and when you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll buy it back. The Equipment Buy Back program provides exceptional value when you want the latest and greatest lighting.

The LumiGrow Equipment Buy Back Program Delivers

  1. Assurance: We’ll buy back your product in good working order with all of the originally included parts and accessories.
  2. Transparency: You’ll know how much your product in good condition will be worth upfront, as soon as you buy it, without guessing or haggling.
  3. Convenience: You’ll instantly receive a credit toward your next LumiGrow product purchase when you return your product.

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