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“LumiGrow will pay back our investment in 17 months.”
Gail Robin, Golden Point Organic Produce, California
“Grows great plants by any standard”
Bob Starnes, University of California Davis
“The LumiGrow system’s adjustable color spectrum makes it the best choice for boosting growth.”
Geronimos Dimetrelos, Algae to Omega
“With LumiGrow, we are assured of a lasting, highest-quality lighting source for our crops.”
Rick Berman, Algae Farm
“LumiGrow lights are a no-compromise solution for us.”
Art Breugem, Dutch Heritage Greenhouse, British Columbia
“Growing more products of greater quality at less expense equals black ink.”
Paul Rieur, Ace Begonias, Connecticut
“LumiGrow lights are producing the best quality begonias we’ve ever seen.”
Jarratt Tunstall, Barnes Greenhouses, Dunkirk, New York
“We increased revenue 38%.”
Tony Heil, Heil Fruit and Produce, Norborne, Missouri
“It’s about plant performance and payback.”
Rob O'Hara, Rainbow Greenhouses, British Columbia
“Our decision to go with LumiGrow was based on two factors: cost and light quality.”
Casey Seals, University of Wyoming

Leverage LumiGrow Research and Commercial Partnerships

LumiGrow collaborates with leading agricultural research institutions and commercial growers to discover and develop lighting strategies.

Greenhouse LED Light Plan

Custom Light Planning

Your LumiGrow light plan will provide all the detail you’ll need to take action, including layout graphics, energy analysis and projected cost savings.

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Rebates & Incentives

Energy utilities may offer custom rebates and financing for energy-efficient horticultural lighting. Offset your upfront costs with an energy efficiency rebate by contacting your electricity provider. Ask us about the process.

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Leasing is an especially smart option for LumiGrow systems because maintenance and electrical bill savings offset monthly payments. Plus, your LumiGrow product warranty is valid through the entire lease term.

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LumiGrow manages everything you need to light up your greenhouse or other growing environment with high-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Designed to ensure your satisfaction at every stage, our services include:

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