LumiGrow webinars highlight experiences and stories from growers who use LED horticultural lighting. Growers and researchers have achieved energy savings, improved crop quality and increased operational efficiencies with LumiGrow solutions. Watch our webinar series and learn why serious growers choose LumiGrow as their preferred lighting technology.

Webinar – Silver State Relief Boosts THC, Cuts Energy Costs 70% with LumiGrow LED Grow Lights

In this conversation with Silver State Relief growers, find out how they applied scientific principles instead of hearsay to boost cannabis yields and quality. With this disciplined approach, their team is dispelling myths about growing with LEDs vs. HPS lights.

For starters, the team discovered that the LumiGrow Pro 650™ LED lights produce more buds in certain strains than 1,000W HPS fixtures do. They’re boosting THC and other cannabinoid levels, too.

Next up, the growers will experiment with LumiGrow SmartPAR™ spectral programs to optimize growth for discrete stages; rooting, vegetative, flowering and late flowering.


  • Daniel Hopper, Ph.D., Co-director of Grow Operations, Silver State Relief
  • Matthew Wheatley, Ph.D., Co-director of Grow Operations, Silver State Relief
  • Melanie Yelton, Ph.D., Vice President of Research, LumiGrow


  • George Chan, Director of Marketing, LumiGrow

The growers will describe how switching to LEDs enabled them to achieve:

  • Improved cannabinoid production profiles
  • Equivalent yields with 40% less electricity for lighting
  • Constant 78° F temperature with 70% less cost
  • 3 feet of strong bud development down the canopy vs. 18-24 inches

Archived Webinars

On-Demand Webcast – Optimizing Crop Production, Nutrition, Flavor and Marketability with Spectral Science

This webcast reviews the results of recent studies conducted at the University of Guelph and in-house at LumiGrow. Topics include light-driven influence over flavor in basil and lettuce; control of plant growth and flowering in zinnia; and how LED lighting outperforms HPS with greenhouse-grown gerbera for flower quality and longevity.

On-Demand Webcast – How to Retrofit Growth Chambers with LED Lights

Aging environmental growth chambers and rooms put research at risk with poor light quality. They also run up high electrical bills due to their dependence on outmoded HID or fluorescent lights.

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On-Demand Webcast – Your Future Looks Bright: How to Specify LED Lighting

Growers select LED fixtures to control rising energy costs and increase productivity. But as with other greenhouse technologies, one size does not fit all. Before you make the leap, attend this webinar to hear from industry experts about how to determine if LEDs could prove a boon to your business.

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On-Demand Webcast – Improving Floral Crop Quality and Greenhouse Energy Efficiency with LED Lighting

Hear directly from leading growers about how they improve crop performance and cut operating costs with LumiGrow LED grow lights.

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On-Demand Webcast – Energy-saving Greenhouse Retrofits and LEDs: University of Wyoming

In 2011, the University of Wyoming greenhouse management team launched an initiative to dramatically improve energy efficiency without compromising the research conducted by faculty, staff and students.

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