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LumiGrow is committed to the practical application of proven green technology to agriculture and horticulture. We provide a range of third-party proven solutions for use in greenhouses, indoor farms and environmental growth chambers. Our high-efficiency LED lighting solutions enable growers to achieve operational efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and improve crop yields.

We issue press releases for the agricultural and horticultural industries as well as the broader interested community. In addition, the LumiGrow team speaks frequently at events. We invite you to learn more.

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LumiGrow Research Presents Major Spectral Science Findings

Seven New Scientific Posters from LumiGrow Research Reveal that Yield and Morphology are Controllable by Light in Wide Range of Commercial and Research Crops

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LumiGrow Offers a Cost-Efficient Business Edge for Colorado Leaf and Other Cannabis Growers

Recreational Grower Saves Money and Energy with Networked LEDs

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LumiGrow Gives Growers Fine-Tuned Control Over Lighting with New SmartPAR™ System

Shared-Savings Payment Plans Means Lighting Control System Pays for Itself

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LumiGrow Lights Important to Pittsburgh Job Corps Center’s Quest for Self-Sustainability

Energy-Efficient Spectrum Control System Installed and Operated by Students

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LumiGrow Helps Greenhouse Growers Fine Tune Lighting for More and Better Crops

Growers New to Supplemental Lighting Find LEDs Are the Smartest Choice

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Business Bloom Means New Rooms for LumiGrow

Spectrum Control Systems Company Expands to Meet Market Need

LumiGrow and Spectral Science Add Vigor to Tomatoes

Supplemental Lighting Means Bigger Plants and Extended Growing Season for North Carolina’s Patterson Greenhouses

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LumiGrow Advances Spectral Science with Successful 2014

Horticultural Research Institutions and Commercial Growers Choose Company’s Spectrum Control Systems

Canada Lights the Way to Advances in the Cultivation of Food and Flowers

Canadian Scientists Use Light to Control Plant Growth; Growers Adopt Proven LumiGrow Technology

City Council Recognizes USDA for Work to “Green” Albany

LED Grow Light Retrofit Reduces Carbon Footprint and Receives City Proclamation

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