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SmartPAR Service

The patented SmartPAR™ light management service enables growers to automatically customize greenhouse lighting based on a variety of factors including region, climate, crop type and desired crop characteristics. SmartPAR Lighting Software (These functions are performed manually when LumiGrow Pro lights are implemented without SmartPAR software.) By tuning light levels and spectra in accordance with plant needs, growers boost crop yield and uniformity while they gain electrical cost savings of up to 70% compared to conventional lighting.

Automate the creation and adjustment of sophisticated light schedules to improve crop yield and elicit desired characteristics.

How It Works

SmartPAR Diagram

SmartPAR enables real-time comprehensive control over horticultural lighting

To program an initial lighting schedule, the grower answers a series of questions about parameters including crop type, season, location and growing environment. The schedule is continuously adjusted based on data transmitted to a central controller from on-site environmental sensors. Any required schedule adjustments are wirelessly relayed to SmartPAR-enabled LumiGrow Pro series lights. For example, the lights can be programmed to turn off automatically when accumulated daily light reaches a targeted level. Each LumiGrow Pro series fixture can be individually adjusted, according to a calendar or a light threshold, to enable zone-specific lighting.

Additional key capabilities of the LumiGrow SmartPAR service include:

  • Photoperiod control/cyclic (intermittent) lighting
  • Spectral plant growth regulation
  • Energy use management and monitoring
  • Adaptive light adjustment
  • Integration with automated control systems
  • Real-time maintenance feedback

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