The industry’s first lighting control system

LumiGrow’s SmartPAR™ software enables growers to program lighting schedules for any number of zones desired within the greenhouse. Adjust light spectrum and intensity in accordance with zones to boost crop yield, optimize production phases and elicit desired characteristics from crops.

How It Works


The first item you need to operate SmartPAR is the the SmartPAR controller. Alone, this controller can control entire blue, red, and white spectral outputs of all your LED lighting fixtures. When combined with the SmartPAR software, the controller becomes even more powerful.


When you purchase both the SmartPAR Controller and the SmartPAR software, you’re allowed the freedom and versatility of setting lighting schedules and creating multiple lighting zones. Assign individual fixtures to a lighting zone, and set zones to a 24-hour lighting schedule that allow for precise spectral output control. Switching between view-mode (white only) and grow-mode is as simple as a flip of a switch.


Once your lights are on a schedule: sit back and watch your plants thrive. Need to make an adjustment to a zone’s spectral output or schedule? It’s as easy as a few edits to the lighting schedule in the SmartPAR program. These lighting programs can elicit different flavor compounds, alter stem elongation, accelerate strong root development, and induce or delay flowering onset.


Single Zone Controller

  • SmartPAR Controller
  • Spectrum Control
  • View Mode / Grow Mode
  • Single Zone

Controller, Software & Server

  • SmartPAR Controller
  • Spectrum Control
  • View Mode / Grow Mode
  • Multiple Zone
  • Programs
  • User Management
  • Alerts
  • Software Subscription (2 years)
  • Embedded server computer

Getting Started

Boost productivity even further when you operate your LumiGrow LED grow lights with SmartPAR.

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