How It Works


Receive your SmartPAR modules included with each order of a Pro Series E fixture, or available to order separately for your existing SmartPAR-ready fixtures.  Once you’ve received your modules, make sure your LumiGrow fixture is turned off, then plug a module into each SmartPAR-ready fixture.

To setup your SmartPAR network, Contact a LumiGrow Networking Specialist to provision your network installation.  Our specialists are experienced in providing rapid assessments and installation to meet your production goals.

Once your network is setup and modules plugged into your fixtures, begin controlling your lights from any WiFi-enabled device!


Experience easy-to-use lighting control.  Assign fixtures to zones, set zones to 24-hour lighting schedules, and monitor your lighting system.

Quickly switch between view-mode and grow-mode for quick crop inspection and worker comfort.

Use the SmartPAR program editor to schedule changes in spectral ratios throughout your plants growth cycle to elicit desired crop characteristics.


Now it’s time to watch your plants thrive!  Use full-power mode for healthy and rigorous growth, or implement spectral control strategies proven to provide better control over your crop’s development.

Commercial growers and research institutions are using SmartPAR to induce or delay flowering onset, elicit different flavors, alter stem elongation or crop compactness, achieve more vibrant color, accelerate root development, boost nutritional compounds, and are using light in replacement of plant growth hormones.

Improve your production efficiency and crop quality by harnessing light as a growth variable with SmartPAR.

Getting Started

Boost productivity even further when you operate your LumiGrow LED grow lights with SmartPAR.

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