Discontinued: The LumiBar is no longer being manufactured.

The LumiBar LED strip light delivers maximum power and precise lighting control, for boosting yields from shelf systems. Switch from T8 fluorescents and gain 50% more PAR per Watt and cut lighting costs in half.

The Growth Light for Multilayer Plant Growth and Research

Fluorescent lights provide a color spectrum intended for general illumination rather than plant growth. Strong on blue light, but weak in the critical red region, fluorescent tubes can’t yield thriving micro-greens, lettuce and other produce.

The LumiBar system emits targeted portions of the full color spectrum to trigger healthy plant responses. In addition to 450-475nm (blue) and 625-660nm (red) wavelengths, the LumiBar light delivers spectra throughout the photosynthetically active region (PAR), from 400nm to 700nm.

About the LumiBar Lights

How it Works


Apply the default settings or tune the LumiBar light to your preferred light intensity and color ratio for every stage of crop growth. Assess crop characteristics with the View Mode (white) setting. The LumiBar light provides reliable illumination at all temperatures and will not degrade, unlike fluorescent fixtures. Additionally, fluorescent tubes aren’t safe in wet environments like indoor gardens. The IP67-rated LumiBar fixture is waterproof.

Low Cost of Ownership


The all-in-one LumiBar system eliminates the need for ballasts and reflectors while it minimizes cooling loads, accelerating payback. Growers see electrical bills trimmed by half. Replace six T5 fluorescent tubes or fourteen T8 fluorescent tubes (and their fixture) for equivalent blue and superior red. Plus, the LumiBar system is backed by LumiGrow’s no-hassle warranty. You’ll enjoy maintenance-free operation for many years to come.

Remarkably Simple to Operate

Propagation Tables

Eliminate the hassle of disposing and replacing toxic fluorescent tubes. The mercury-free LumiBar system requires no custom configuration and seamlessly operates independently or alongside other lights. Most growers maximize the yield-boosting and cost-saving benefits of the LumiBar system with a full-scale new installation or retrofit; others replace conventional lights as they age. Either way, LumiBar lights last up to 10 times longer than fluorescent lights without degradation.

Key Features


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LumiGrow LumiBar Fixture Specifications

Operating Voltage 90-264 VAC (2.5A max)
Operating Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption 200 Watts
Heat Output 340 BTU/hr (0.100 kW)
Weight 7 pounds (fixture), 3 pounds (controller)
Dimensions 2-7/8″W x 48-3/4″L x 2-1/2″H
Operating Temperature –4º F to 140º F (–20º C to 60º C)
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Power Factor > 0.95
Warranty 5 years