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Discover why LumiGrow is the LED lighting of choice for 3,000+ installations. Unlike conventional lighting, based on technology intended for general illumination, the LumiGrow solution is designed specifically for plants. Growers, researchers and facility managers interested in learning about LumiGrow greenhouse lighting solutions are encouraged to contact us for a product demonstration.

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LumiGrow SmartPAR enables growers to programmatically customize greenhouse lighting. On demand or on a sophisticated light schedule, tune light levels and spectra in accordance with plant needs, boost crop yield and uniformity, and elicit desired characteristics from crops. All while saving up to 70% on energy costs as compared to conventional lighting.

SmartPAR LED Lighting System Software
LumiGrow Pro Series Greenhouse Lights Webinar

Pro Series Grow Lights

The Pro series equips growers with LED lights that output more red and blue in the essential PAR range than the industry’s most powerful conventional lighting systems, including any high-intensity discharge (HID) fixture. Peerless in the industry, the Pro 650 light delivers 2X the red and blue PAR of a 1000 Watt HID light while it consumes 40% less energy. The Pro 325 provides red and blue PAR equivalent to that of a 1,000 Watt HID light while it reduces energy consumption by a whopping 70%.

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