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LumiGrow Pro 325 Greenhouse Lighting

Pro 325™ Greenhouse Lights

The Pro 325 system is engineered for commercial greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) environments. Pro 325 lights yield 70% energy savings versus the 1000-Watt HID lights they replace. Product Details »

LumiGrow Pro 650 Greenhouse Lighting

Pro 650™ Greenhouse Lights

The Pro 650 solution is the brightest light in the horticultural industry. A Pro 650 fixture delivers the red and blue PAR of two 1000-Watt HID lights while it consumes 40% less energy than a single HID light. Product Details »

LumiBar™ LED Grow Strip

LumiBar™ LED Strip Light

The LumiBar™ system provides reliable illumination for multilayer crop production, plant research and environmental growth chambers. Replace your fluorescent fixtures with the enhanced spectrum LumiBar light for more blue and all the red missing from T5, T8 and T12 bulbs. Product Details »

LumiGrow SmartPAR Greenhouse Software

SmartPAR™ Software

LumiGrow SmartPAR™, the industry’s first light management software, enables growers to automatically customize greenhouse lighting based on a variety of factors including region, climate, crop type and desired crop characteristics. Product Details »