Live Webcast: “Sustainable Crops: LEDs in Controlled Growth Environments” Co-Presented with Environmental Growth Chambers, Inc.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT.


  • Kevin Wells, CEO, LumiGrow, Inc.
  • Bob Starnes, Sr. Superintendent, University of California Davis
  • Chad Pierce, Project Manager, Environmental Growth Chambers
  • Arnold Stankus, Project Manager, Environmental Growth Chambers

LumiGrow, Inc., the leading provider of LED lighting technology for horticultural applications, is co-presenting a live webcast with Environmental Growth Chambers, Inc. (EGC), the leading provider of controlled environment chambers for scientific research and commercial applications.

The webcast examines best practices and proven technologies for reducing the energy demands and operating costs of agricultural research in controlled environments.

The University of California, Davis and other leading agricultural institutions have named energy-efficient research methods as critical to their environmental sustainability strategies. These universities have identified environmental growth chambers and greenhouses as among the biggest energy consumers on campus. This is because most are lit by incandescent, fluorescent or high intensity discharge fixtures and bulbs that output more of the color spectrum than plants can actually use, resulting in energy waste. During the 25-minute webcast, viewers will learn how to reduce energy consumption up to 50 percent by retrofitting greenhouses and environmental growth chambers with LED lights.

LED lighting products can improve plant quality while they reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 50 percent or more. LED lights also avoid the escalating full lifecycle costs of lighting fixtures that contain hazardous lead and mercury. Motivated by the opportunity to reduce costs and comply with legislative bans on wasteful lights, researchers are increasingly adopting LED technology. These users typically recoup their investment in less than two years by significantly reducing power usage, cooling requirements and maintenance costs. Rising energy costs further accelerate ROI.

“Retrofitting a single growth chamber saves enough energy to power a dozen single family homes for a year,” said LumiGrow CEO Kevin Wells. He added, “Our customers are applying their substantial energy bill savings to fund exciting new research.”