Growers Report Reduced Power Usage and Improved Crop Quality

San Francisco, CA – July 25, 2009 – LumiGrow, Inc. (, the leading provider of LED lighting to the indoor agricultural industry, today announced the release of the LumiGrow ES™, a first-of-its-kind enhanced spectrum horticultural lighting solution proven to produce significant energy savings and abundant, healthy crops.

The LumiGrow ES features professional grade features throughout. Encased in hardware designed to meet the rigors of commercial greenhouse applications, LumiGrow ES LED emitters cast a precise spectral range within 400-700 nanometers. The LumiGrow system also features true deep red LEDs that match peak photosynthesis along with double the PAR value of any previous solid-state horticultural light. Independently adjustable red and blue knobs enable growers to fine-tune lighting, providing plants with precisely the portion of the light spectrum they need at each growing phase.

Customers including Chris Wahlberg of Mung Dynasty, a Pittsburgh, PA-based microgreens producer, report that LumiGrow lights deliver superior plant morphology, color and taste.

“The LumiGrow ES grows great plants by any standard,” affirmed Robert Starnes, senior superintendent of agriculture, University of California, Davis. Mr. Starnes conducts product quality assurance testing, including side-by-side comparisons of the LumiGrow solution against high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, both at the LumiGrow facility on Treasure Island, San Francisco and at the UC Davis campus. In these tests, the LumiGrow solution consistently out-performs 600-watt HID lamps while consuming half the energy.

To accelerate broad adoption of energy-efficient LED solutions by commercial greenhouse growers, public utility companies throughout the U.S. now offer cash rebates and subsidies for the LumiGrow ES. Even before rebates are applied, users realize electrical bill savings in the range of 50-60 percent. All LumiGrow LED lights operate at a comfortably cool temperature, enabling customers to achieve still greater savings by unplugging their cooling systems and ballasts. Hardware and operating cost savings grow over time as long-lasting LumiGrow lights eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacement.

“It was essential to demonstrably prove the capabilities of the LumiGrow ES before bringing it to market,” said Kevin Wells, founder and CEO, LumiGrow. “That’s because growers want greater energy efficiency and lower costs, but not at the risk of crop loss. LumiGrow delivers on the claims of LED technology – maximizing cost savings and crop yield.”

Beyond energy savings, the LumiGrow ES offers numerous additional environmental benefits. Unlike fluorescent and HID lighting products, LumiGrow LED lights do not contain hazardous mercury or halogen gases. Further, because the LumiGrow ES emits a controlled and focused spectrum rather than a broad scattershot of light, the solution dramatically reduces the light pollution caused by the use of HID lamps during nighttime hours.

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