The LumiGrow solutions feature professional grade features throughout. Encased in hardware designed to meet the rigors of commercial greenhouse applications, LumiGrow LED emitters cast a precise spectral range within 400-700 nanometers. The LumiGrow system also features true deep red LEDs that match peak photosynthesis. Independently adjustable color channels enable growers to fine-tune lighting, providing plants with precisely the portion of the light spectrum they need at each growing phase.

The LumiGrow solution is the only LED light tested and selected for use by leading agricultural research institutions, including the University of California at Davis and Duke University. In side-by-side comparisons of the LumiGrow fixtures against HID lamps, the LumiGrow solutions consistently out-perform 1000-watt HID lamps while consuming much less energy.

Customers, ranging from universities and commercial greenhouse facilities to home gardeners, report that LumiGrow lights deliver superior plant morphology, color and taste.

Scientists and growers enjoy the independent control of their LumiBar light fixtures. Each LumiBar is driven by a separate controller.

The beam angle is approximately 110˚ on the Pro Series fixtures.

Our lights are rated for 50,000 hours with no more than 10% degradation. Due to our advanced thermal management, you can expect our fixtures to last as long as 100,000 hours with minimal degradation.

The scientific and growing communities are shifting away from lumens toward a more precise means of measuring the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that is usable by plants. A lumen measurement is a perfectly valid way of assessing the performance of a light fixture designed for general illumination, but it is ill-suited to measuring light perceived by plants. As we say around here, “Lumens are for humans.” In journals and trade publications, you’ll see more and more discussion about light in terms of micromoles per second per square meter (µmol/m²/sec).

LumiGrow fixtures are engineered to maximize output in the red and blue portions of PAR. These are the spectra of greatest use to plants. A spectroradiomater measuring µmol/m²/sec reveals that a 1000W HID light produces approximately 14% of its total output in the red PAR range (630-680nm) and approximately 3% in the blue PAR range (430-480nm). By contrast, a LumiGrow fixture produces 68% of its total output in the red region and 17% in the blue region.

Therefore, for every 100 µmol/m²/sec of light produced by a LumiGrow fixture, you receive 67.7 µmol/m²/sec of red and 17 µmol/m²/sec of blue PAR. Similarly, for every 100 µmol/m²/sec of light produced by a 1000W HID, you receive 14 µmol/m²/sec of red and 3 µmol/m²/sec of blue PAR.

This is why LumiGrow lights are the most powerful and energy-efficient light source for plants (with the exception of the sun).

LumiGrow, Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of LED growth lights. To bring our products to market, we partner with Farmtek/Grower’s Supply, Hydrofarm, TrueLeaf and other leading distributors and resellers.

If you are an individual consumer unaffiliated with a commercial greenhouse, garden center or research institution, please contact these organizations for order information or to find a reseller in your region. Otherwise, please call LumiGrow Sales at (800) 514-0487 . (Please note that minimum order quantities apply for retailers.)

We routinely ship products outside the US. Our website will let you select your shipping option and display your shipping costs before you commit to a purchase. 

Coverage area for LumiGrow Pro series LED lights depends on crop type and whether the fixture is being used as a supplement to other lighting or as sole-source lighting. A general rule of thumb is that the coverage is comparable to that of a 1,000-Watt HID, i.e. 64-100 square feet for supplemental and 16-36 square feet for sole source applications.

Please refer to the quick start guide for a coverage and intensity table.

LumiGrow lights are designed and manufactured in the USA.

We specify best-of-breed, top-binned LEDs. We don’t share manufacturer names because they are subject to change as we always seek out the best in the marketplace. Additionally, we perceive our vendor relationships as vital to our business and part of our “secret sauce.” LumiGrow Pro series lights are covered by the industry’s best 5-year warranty.

The LumiGrow Pro greenhouse fixture uses 30-70% of the energy of a high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp while it produces none of the heat, installs in just minutes, lasts 7+ years and delivers cost savings from the first electricity bill. Typically users see a Return on Investment (ROI) within 12 months.

The HID lights used in greenhouses are suboptimal from the perspective of plants, which respond to specific wavelengths within the color spectrum. Less than 25% of the power consumed by HID lights is devoted to plant growth. By contrast, 100% of light emitted from LumiGrow fixtures are usable by plants.

The LumiGrow solution protects growers’ livelihoods by enabling them to produce healthy crops while reducing their operating costs.  LumiGrow solutions are the only LED lights in the marketplace designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial greenhouse growers.