Project Description

About Mesa Organics

Mesa Organics - LumiGrow LED Lighting for CannabisMesa Organics is a hydroponic Cannabis cultivation and distribution facility located in Pueblo, Colorado. Owner Jim Parco established the facility with the mission of growing, distributing, and selling the finest Cannabis and infused products, with an enduring commitment to promote healthy living and business practices. A local college economics professor, Jim has been driven to build his operation efficiently with a focus on innovation. The 1,300 sq ft facility grows a myriad of Hybrid, Indica and Sativa strains.

“Purchasing 51 LumiGrow Pro 650 fixtures with the utility rebate, my LumiGrow fixtures were already cheaper than Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC), HPS or metal halide!” said Jim Parco, Mesa Organics Owner.


The Challenge

Like most growers, Jim was faced with determining the best strategy for balancing optimal quality and yield with exorbitant energy and operational costs. Determined to find the best lighting solution for producing high quality Cannabis with optimal return-on-investment, he began his search for a lighting solution by diligently researching each technology. Jim remembers, “When I started looking at LEDs, I thought they were one of the biggest hoaxes on the market. So many poorly designed products make it hard to determine the value of the technology. It wasn’t until I realized that energy utilities were giving rebates for LEDs that I started seriously considering LED as an option.”

The Solution

Jim learned that his energy utility was offering a 50% incentive for buying LumiGrow LEDs. “When I started to research LEDs and came across LumiGrow, I realized there were more advantages to be had than just the rebate. The ability to use the SmartPAR software to automate zones for intensity and spectral control, to boost terpenes, affect potency, and control other crop characteristics seemed like a game-changing advantage. Also, with the 5-year warranty, my investment was able to qualify for the additional rebates from my utility.” recalls Jim. “Purchasing 51 LumiGrow Pro 650 fixtures with the utility rebate, my LumiGrow fixtures were already cheaper than Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC), HPS or metal halide.”

LumiGrow developed a light plan for Jim and implemented the SmartPAR Wireless Control System. The LumiGrow Research Team, comprised of PhDs, plant scientists and Cannabis specialists, has since then provided guidance to Mesa Organics to utilize spectral control for some powerful results. “We started using blue light treatments in the last few days of growth to boost terpene production. It’s pretty amazing the things you can do with spectral control! We’ve seen powerful effects on potency and are currently trialing 32 of our strains to find which ones react the most positively to various light treatments and strategies.” said Jim.

The Benefits

Although Mesa Organics has seen benefits from the boosts in quality and ability to control plant growth using spectrum control, the outstanding value has truly come from energy and operational efficiency. “The low power consumption of the fixtures has saved me thousands. We’re maximizing this value by using a strategy built around our utility’s financial structure and are currently in the lowest tier of electrical rates. The low heat output also provides savings by reducing the need for HVAC. Add rebates, spectrum control, and eliminating the need to change bulbs, and LumiGrow is the most cost efficient solution on the market!” Jim exclaims.

The LumiGrow Research Team continues to help Jim dial-in his strategies for optimal growth. Featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine as a forward-thinking, innovative grower, Jim has expressed enthusiasm for the dramatic scientific developments in recent years, “The science that LumiGrow is doing excites me! Your research team has been a huge help, your customer service on point, and your technology is great. I look forward to continuing using LumiGrow solutions long into the future!”