Watt for Watt, LumiGrow solutions emit up to 50% more PAR light than ordinary fixtures.


LumiGrow delivers long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solutions for research.

The incandescent, high intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescent lights typically used in controlled environments were not designed to meet plants’ unique needs. Engineered for general illumination rather than photosynthesis, these lights waste more than 50% of the energy they consume. This inefficiency costs scientists monies that could be re-directed to fund research.

Unlike fluorescent fixtures, the LumiGrow LumiBar growth chamber and shelf light solution provides reliable photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) light at all temperatures. LumiGrow LED solutions do not degrade, eliminating the uncontrolled variable posed by reduced light levels as well as the need for frequent bulb replacement.

While other LED products require cobbling together parts, leading to unexpectedly high costs and complexity, LumiGrow solutions are ready to grow right out of the box.

LumiGrow LED lights are backed by LumiGrow’s no-hassle warranty.

LumiGrow products for research:

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