LumiGrow: the proven LED solution that pays for itself in energy savings and superior yields.

Commercial Greenhouses

The wasteful high intensity discharge (HID) lights typically used in greenhouses were not designed to meet crops’ unique needs. Engineered for general illumination rather than photosynthesis, HID lamps waste more than 50% of the energy they consume. This inefficiency costs large greenhouse facilities millions of dollars in electrical bills annually.

LumiGrow LED solutions are custom-designed to meet plants’ specific requirements. Based on years of research, LumiGrow LED lights are precisely tuned to elicit desired plant responses. Produce grown under LumiGrow lights is available at Whole Foods Markets, Kroger grocery stores and farmers’ markets.

LumiGrow LED growth lights offer a straightforward, drop-in implementation process for phased roll-outs, complete HID retrofits and new installations. LumiGrow customers include the world’s leading agribusinesses, Top 100 garden centers, produce and flower growers as well as research institutions.

Replace or complement your existing lighting with LumiGrow Pro series LED fixtures to boost crop yield and reduce your energy bill. LumiGrow lights are often eligible for utility rebates that accelerate your payback period.

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