LumiGrow: the proven LED solution that pays for itself in energy savings and superior yields.

Algae Production

Algae growers select LumiGrow LED lighting solutions to boost crop yield and substantially reduce the energy requirements of large-scale algae production.

To boost crop yield, simply supplement natural light or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting fixtures with LumiGrow LED lights. Reduce power use by retrofitting HID fixtures with LumiGrow solutions. Retrofit projects are often eligible for utility subsidies that accelerate your financial payback.

The wasteful high intensity discharge (HID) lights typically used in algae production were not designed to meet the unique needs of algae. Engineered for general illumination rather than photosynthesis, HID lamps waste more than 50% of the energy they consume. This inefficiency costs algae production facilities millions of dollars in electrical bills annually.

By contrast, LumiGrow LED solutions offer adjustable red, blue and white color blends to meet the precise spectral requirements of different algae strains.

LumiGrow LED lights offer a straightforward, drop-in implementation process for phased roll-outs, complete HID retrofits and new installations.

Replace or complement your existing fixtures with LumiGrow Pro series growth lights or LumiBar multilayer lighting to boost algae crop yield and reduce your energy bill.

To receive a no-obligation customized lighting plan for your algae production facility, contact us today.