There are multiple methods used to propagate plants, but the goals remain the same. When using grow lights for plant propagation it’s important to produce uniform, compact, and high-value seedlings.

It’s important to control DLI to maintain adequate light intensities throughout propagation stages. Light intensity needs may vary throughout the growth cycle. By using LumiGrow Smart Horticultural LEDs it’s possible to increase intensity in respect to growth.

LumiGrow LEDs can be used to increase biomass by increasing photosynthesis, and use dynamic spectral control to speed or slow flowering times, influence compactness, improve quality, and reduce rooting and grafting times.

The ability to control intensity and spectrum has proven vital to commercial plant propagation. Research by major institutions and the LumiGrow Research Group has proven that changes in spectrum can be used to improve plug quality and reduce time to rooting. When grafting, LumiGrow LEDs can be used to produce more uniform plants, and speed up the healing process.

Daily Light Integral Target

Low Light (5-10 DLI)
Floral Propagator Success Story

Floral Propagator Success Story

Barnes Greenhouses, a floral propagator achieves 100% rooting success with LumiGrow LEDs.

LumiGrow Propagation Research

LumiGrow Propagation Research

Learn how grafted tomato seedling production can be optimized using light spectra.

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