LumiGrow delivers superior plant growth
at a fraction of the cost of ordinary lights.

Case Studies

LumiGrow LED solutions are proven by commercial growers and researchers to provide the uniform PAR light plants crave. Plus, they cut lighting costs and energy consumption in half. To find out how LumiGrow smart horticultural lighting could benefit your organization, contact us »

Greenhouse Growers

Barnes Greenhouses
  • Problem. Cuttings with weak stems, extended internode length and lack of color after transplant.
  • Solution. Add supplemental light to improve cutting health and vigor.
  • Result. High-quality rooted cuttings.

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Heil Fruit and Produce
  • Problem. Lost revenue during the four months of winter.
  • Solution. Grow crops in a greenhouse with LumiGrow Pro 325 fixtures.
  • Result. 38% increase in revenue.

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Golden Point Organic Produce

We’ll see 50% cost savings compared to T5 fixtures. LumiBar will pay back our investment in 17 months.

Gail Robin
General Manager
Golden Point Organic Produce

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Controlled Environment Growers

Research Brief - Basil Better Tasting Basil Grown with LED Lighting Technology

In this research brief, LumiGrow demonstrates the effects of different light ratios on basil morphology, flavor and aroma.

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TJ Technologies
  • Problem. High climate conditioning costs due to HID heat output in a controlled environment.
  • Solution. Implement cooler running Pro 325 LED luminaires.
  • Result. Reduced operating costs 70%.

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Green Winter Farms
  • Problem. Find an economically and environmentally viable alternative to HID lights.
  • Solution. Implement energy-efficient LED lighting, as suggested by the USDA Farm Services Agency.
  • Result. This thriving indoor farm, housed in a steel structure built to withstand the rigors of Alaskan winters, sells produce locally through Carr-Safeway grocery stores, farmers’ markets and restaurants.

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Algae 2 Omega
  • Problem. Increase production without energy bill hike.
  • Solution. Implement LumiGrow ES330 and LumiBar fixtures to provide 24×7 lighting.
  • Result. Twice the algae crop in the same footprint with half the energy use of HID lights.

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Algae 2 Omega
  • Problem. Fluorescent lights provide suboptimal light, degrade rapidly and release mercury into the environment.
  • Solution. Implement RoHS-compliant LumiGrow ES330 fixtures for algae biomass production system.
  • Result. Achieve superior yields and year 1 savings of $400,000.

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  • Problem. Conventional lighting leads to uncontrolled heat and energy use.
  • Solution. Implementing LumiGrow solutions across in sites the US for use in research greenhouses and chambers.
UC Davis UC Davis Mini Rose LED Lighting Study

This UC Davis study evaluates the effectiveness of high output LED lighting for growth of ornamental mini roses.

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University of Maryland

Lettuce production efficacy study shows better weight per plant vs fluorescents.

University of Wyoming

Our decision to go with LumiGrow was based on two factors: cost and light quality. With the LumiGrow solution, we get the best of both worlds.

Casey Seals
Greenhouse Operations Manager
University of Wyoming

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BTO Solutions BTO Lettuce LED Lighting Study

Butter leaf lettuce grown with LumiGrow ES330 matches lettuce grown with 600-Watt HPS in size, weight and root development.

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