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LumiGrow is the premier software and hardware spectral control platform enabling large scale greenhouse researchers and growers to manage efficiency, yield and plant characteristics.

The LED Lighting Solution of Growers and Researchers

Our LED grow lights have been proven to produce larger crop yields and decrease time until harvest,
all on top of energy reductions of up to 70%.

Harness the Power of Spectral Science

LumiGrow’s LED grow lights and SmartPAR software empower growers and researchers with the ability to schedule and tune light levels and spectra. Equipped with the best adjustable-spectrum LED grow lights on the market, our clients reap the benefits of bigger crop yields, massive energy savings, and increased control over grow cycles.

LumiGrow SmartPAR lighting system and LED Grow Lights

Researchers across top institutions see why our LED grow lights make the difference

And they produce the research to prove it.

  • NC State - Light Emitting Diodes as an Alternative to Cool White Fluorescents for Healing of Grafted Tomato Transplants
  • Rocket Farms - Effects of Adjustments to Spectral Ratios of Supplemental LED Lighting on Miniature Rose Growth and Morphology

LumiGrow LED Lighting Solutions 


SmartPAR Lighting Control

LumiGrow SmartPAR™, the industry’s first light management software, enables growers to automatically customize and schedule our LED grow lights based on a variety of factors, including lighting zones and spectral output. Optimize growth by fine-tuning your light.

SmartPAR Software

LumiGrow LumiBar LED Grow Bar

LumiBar Strip Light

The LumiBar™ LED grow lights provides reliable illumination for multilayer crop production, plant research and environmental growth chambers. Replace your fluorescent lights with the enhanced spectrum LumiBar light for more blue and all the red missing from T5, T8 and T12 bulbs.

LumiBar Strip Light

LumiGrow LED Grow Light - Pro 650

LumiGrow Pro LED Fixtures

The LumiGrow Pro LED fixtures are LED grow lights engineered for commercial greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) environments. With the LumiGrow Pro series, you no longer need to choose between boosting yields and controlling costs.

Pro LED Fixtures

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